Palmetto Cheese Soulburban

November 2007

Palmetto Cheese expands beyond the back yard of Pawleys Island, SC as 6 Publix locations in Greenville, SC decide to bring in our brand. This requires Brian to make overnight trips in the Soulburban to deliver Palmetto Cheese to the backdoor…
piggly-wiggly logo

May 2007

Palmetto Cheese hits Piggly Wiggly in Litchfield, SC. This store helps Palmetto Cheese broaden its appeal by selling to many tourists during the summer of 2007. During these peak summer months, over 500 tubs of Palmetto Cheese were sold each…
sassy henry and brian henry and George easterling

March 2007

Production of Palmetto Cheese moves from Sea View Inn to a location on Hwy 17 in Pawleys Island (current site of Get Carried Away Southern Takeout) to keep pace with local production demand. Save
Food-Lion Logo

November 2006

  Palmetto Cheese makes its first appearance at a retail grocery store at Food Lion in Pawleys Island, SC located on the South Causeway. After several months of moderate success, 3 additional Food Lion locations were added for distribution…
Independent Seafood Georgetown, SC

May 2006

Palmetto Cheese is introduced at Independent Seafood in Georgetown, SC. The store agreed to stock Palmetto Cheese and the owner instructed us to “throw a dozen tubs in the ice” to see how it sells. It had modest beginnings being marketed…

March 2006

Brian: “What are you passionate about?” Sassy: “I’m passionate about my pimento cheese!” That was the conversation that led to the Henrys adventure into making Sassy’s pimento cheese recipe a viable and marketable product. At…
Sea View Inn Pawleys Island South Carolina

June 2003

Sea View Inn Vertrella Brown began producing batches of Sassy’s pimento cheese recipe at Sea View Inn. It was featured as an appetizer each week during the summer lowcountry shrimp boils each Wednesday evening. Needless to say, it was a…
Sea View Inn Pawleys Island South Carolina

March 2002

On the Move Brian and Sassy leave Atlanta and move with their two children to Pawleys Island, South Carolina where they took over the historic Sea View Inn. Save Save Save
Sassy and Brian Henry at Atlanta Braves Tailgate

Mid 1990's

Braves Tailgating Sassy Carragher (Henry) begins producing batches of her unique, homestyle pimento cheese to serve at Atlanta Braves playoff games. This was during the Braves epic run in the playoffs during the 1990’s. Sassy, and her boyfriend…