Palmetto Cheese The Pimento Cheese with Soul

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I grew up in Durham and now live in MA and two thing I missed the most Lance crackers and real pimento cheese, all my prayers have been answered. I discovered you cheese at Shop&Shop and I am in heaven. I am coincidentally vacationing on the island, a first, and you can be sure I will make sure my northern girlfriends try the cheese. I have introduced it at parties here since no one knows what it is but they love it. Thank you, Ann

Ann Falmouth, MA

Thank you!! This is the real thing, so much so it makes me want to go out and slap my mama. It is so darn good. I am so glad i stumbled on this at my local Walmart. I do not buy pimento cheese in a container and lets get real…what true southern belle would??? But thank goodness I took a chance and tossed this in my buggy. I am a actually enjoying it as we speak. I had to find out who that lovely lady was pictured on this product and why I have been missing out until now. Well, now I know and will be a life long consumer. Best of luck to yall as your business grows. Cheers, Christine

Christine Biloxi, Mississippi

I caught myself asking my husband to drop by Walmart and buy some of that good pimento cheese that he had bought one time. That is the first time I have ever asked for a particular pimento cheese product. I have eaten it since my mother used to serve it on toasted bread back in the 1960s. When he got home with it and I had made a 1/2 sandwich of cold bread and cold Jalapenos Palmetto Cheese, I said to him, “Nobodys homemade pimento cheese (my sister-in-laws and friends) has anything on THIS pimento cheese. In fact, it is the best pimento cheese I have ever eaten.” If I ever have to take a plate of something to a party, itll be your product on good bread. I thought youd like to know that. Best regards, Becky W

Becky Lenoir, NC

Palmetto Cheese is the absolute best pimento cheese Ive ever had. I love it so much. Im so glad my local store carries it! It reminds me of my best holiday cheese ball. It tastes homemade and it is my absolute favorite. Those other brands just wish they could make pimento cheese like this! Thank you for a great product.

Melocka Kingwood, TX

My husband bought me this pimento cheese spread this week and omg. It is the best I have ever had!!!!! Wow!!!! I will be buying this again and again!!! I cant stay out of it!!!! So good!!!!

Mitzi Tupelo, MS

Holy cow! I was very suspicious in buying this because pimento cheese never tastes quite as good as it should – you nailed it though! Even better than my mothers! Outstanding job!

Jane Edenton, NC

I have never written to a company to tell them how much I enjoy their product. For this Palmetto Chrese I just had to. This stuff is amazing and is a staple in my house after I enjoyed it at a friends house a few months ago. Thank you for brunging this product to my local Kroger. You have a customer for life.

PS, I never really liked pimento cheese.

Amy Marietta, Georgia

Just happen to notice your product in Wal Mart. It is the best pimento cheese I have ever tasted!!
Great recipe! Thank you.

Patricia Mandeville, LA

I grew up in the South but knew nothing about pimento cheese until a few months ago and could not understand how I had gone 35 years without this amazing food. My husband and I undertook a very unscientific experiment to find the best pimento cheese. Fueled by his expertise and my newbie enthusiasm, we tried every pimento cheese we could find, and without a doubt Palmetto Cheese is the best one out there. We are a few pounds heavier but so much happier now that Palmetto Cheese is a staple in our home. Thank you for this great product!

Robyn Tallahassee, FL

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your product. My mom who passed away 3 years ago at 93 made Pimento Cheese (she used extra sharp cheese) she would buy the red peppers boil them peel them for the pimento, with mayonnaise and a little hot sauce yours is the closest to hers and is the best I have ever purchased. The family goes through at least 2 containers a week, as a side note Ruths is a joke compared to yours. I have passed the word along to friends and family as well as customers that are in the deli section of Food Lion where I shop. Nice job and continued success, the saying “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID” your certainly not stupid obviously by your success, and you have done a great job with your company and Congratulation on the success of your business.

Mickey Columbia, SC

In my 36 years of being on this earth growing up poor on a farm I had never tried pimento cheese until now. And boy did I try the best there is. You guys have won me over with your delicious perfection called Palmetto Cheese! Forever a fan please don’t stop making it.


I have been making my own homemade pimento and cheese for years. Cant stand the taste of store bought. One day while shopping a came across Palmetto Cheese with jalapenos and thought that looks just like mine except with jalapenos, and decided to give it a try. I’m hooked. Its better than mine. Thank you so much for making such a high quality product. I haven’t made homemade since finding Palmettos. Keep up the good work!

Tammy Springville, AL

This is hands down the best pimento cheese there is!!! If I were y’all I wouldn’t want others even next to it on the shelf, they would clearly be in the wrong place. There is only one. Very good! Will go without before I buy any other kind.

Matt South Boston, VA

Y’all know we are now “ruint” on any other kind of pimiento cheese, right? If its not Palmetto Cheese with jalapenos, we wont eat it.

Marie Shallotte, NC

I only eat pimento cheese if some southern person has made it, until now. I broke down and bought Palmetto cheese and I am in love! I always looked at the other brands at the grocery store, but have you ever seen the color of their pimento cheese? Yuck! Thank you for such a great product! Its delicious!

Kathleen Darien, GA

Just tried your palmetto cheese with jalapeños in it. That stuff rocks. It tasted so good I didn’t want to stop but my lunch time at work was over. Wanted to let you know I have found a new palmetto cheese to eat as a sandwich or on crackers. Thanks for a great product.

ChuckPort Orange, Florida

I just discovered palmetto cheese yesterday at walmart. oh. my. goodness. it’s wonderful! where have y’all been all my life?!

MerryAustin, TX