Palmetto Chicken Salad

Just like the wildly popular Palmetto Cheese, Sassy’s chicken salad has been in high demand among family and friends over the years. Since its first appearance on the menu at Get Carried Away Southern Takeout in 2011, this chicken salad has been the overall #1 best seller. With a dedication to bringing only the highest quality products to market, the Henrys decided to brand Sassy’s recipe as Palmetto Chicken Salad after the “Palmetto State” where it is produced.

To maintain this high standard, Palmetto Chicken Salad is made with:

  • All white breast meat as the main ingredient, the best quality mayonnaise, and fresh celery and scallions
  • NO PRESERVATIVES added in the manufacturing process to offer the most natural and best tasting chicken salad on the market
  • Homemade taste and texture that you’ll be proud to serve to your family and guests

Palmetto Chicken Salad can be served as a snack, appetizer, or meal making it very versatile. Eat it with a spoon, serve it on a cracker, or put it between 2 slices of bread.


Palmetto Chicken Salad will be available at 1,000 Food Lion locations in January 2019. (See Map Below). If you would like your store to carry Palmetto Chicken Salad, please ask your Deli Manager to bring it in on their next delivery.


Palmetto Chicken Salad ingredients


Palmetto Chicken Salad

Palmetto Chicken Salad Locations

Simply enter your zip code and click SEARCH to find locations within a 25 mile radius or click on the arrow button to find your location automatically. Please note that the stores listed on our map are those that have Palmetto Chicken Salad as an approved item in their "system" and available to them. If you do not find Palmetto Chicken Salad in your store, please request it through the Deli Manager or by completing a Customer Feedback Card at Costco. We have learned that customer requests are very effective!