Palmetto Cheese Four Pack
Original variety – NEW

Great news! Palmetto Cheese 2 ounce “Soulful Snacks on the Go” are now available at select locations. If you would like your location to carry any of our products, please contact your local grocer!

Single servings are great for:
• Taking to work
• Packing with school lunches
• Road trip snacks
• Moderating portions at snack time

Current locations: KROGER and FOOD CITY.


Nutrition and Ingredients

Palmetto Cheese Single Serve 2 oz Ingredients and Nutrition Label

Dear Glorious Pawleys Island,
I’m trying to think of one perfect word to describe your creamy, delicious, cheesy, scoopalicious, fresh tasting, swear its homemade, gotta smear it on my celery, perfectly pimentoed, can I eat this for breakfast, Mmmmmmm that’s tasty pimento cheese.
When I think of that one word, Ill let you know. I love your cheese! And now you added bacon? Did you read my mind? I gotta try that, too!
Thanks for making a delicious, fresh tasting product from the USA!
Aka – very pleased repeat customer

KimBentonville, AR

I Love This Pimento Cheese! My sweet friend Stacy (from Vestavia Hills AL) served some at our last luncheon, and Ive been a convert ever since. I serve this at wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, dinner parties, backyard barbques, and outside movie nights! Serve it on a cracker, bake some on top of a nice French baguette, sprinkle some jalapeno or some bacon, and you cant go wrong! You can pair it with some sweet tea, a Sauvignon Blanc, or a nice IPA… Its a hit, and my beautiful family asks for more!! Thank you Palmetto!!

Mellisa Hoover, AL

First let me say I don’t normally comment on whether or not I like any of the food products we normally buy. If I like it I eat it, if I don’t it gets thrown away.
However, I just wanted to let you know that your Palmetto Cheese is the absolute best Pimento Cheese we have ever purchased.
Every bite is an experience in hedonism. We normally buy Prices brand because its usually whats available, and to us it had the best flavor. Recently on a trip to Sam’s Club they didn’t have Prices, they had your brand. We decided to give it a try, and now I’m spoiled. Nothing else will do. Your Palmetto Cheese is so much better than anything else available to us that the other brands should be ashamed to call themselves Pimento Cheese.
Anyway, thanks for producing such an excellent product, and keep up the good work. A customer for life,

David Oklahoma City, OK

I am an Atlanta native. My mom always made the best pimento cheese. She passed away at age 88 in 2012. Sadly, I did not have her recipe. I have never tasted any pimento cheese even close to what she made until I came across your product. Thank you so much! Your product is ever so close to what she made!

Bryan Atlanta, Georgia