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The Taste of Southern Hospitality

Number One Pimento Cheese
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Locations in 48 States, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico

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Palmetto Cheese Original and Jalapeno



Albany, OH

Cedar Park, TX

Yesterday, I purchased some Palmetto Cheese in Kroger. Wow! I have been missing out on the finest pimento cheese spread in the country. Comparing this brand to the pimento cheese spread is like comparing a Porsche to the Clampett's truck. A little bit of soul certainly makes your product stellar. I am a fan for life.

Good god this stuff is delicious. First it was just a dip-and a replacement dip bc our Costco didn’t have our normal “keto-friendly” one. Now, it’s a staple in the fridge! I eat it on turkey club sandwiches, burgers, eggs, cottage cheese with bacon crumbles. I bake it on broccoli with additional shredded cheese. I top tortilla soup and chili with it. I add it to my take out Mexican food for crying out loud! Thank you for such a wonderful product that my husband (who is really the keto one, I just pretend lol) and I enjoy so much. Thank you!!!

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