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Palmetto pimento cheese with soul
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I was visiting my daughter in Ft Wayne In and found your cheese at her local Kroger. I noticed the S C address and  thought it was worth trying as I haven’t had any decent pimento cheese since moving away from the south in 1979!(except on the very rare occasions I made homemade.) It is delish! My daughter loves it also. Before leaving In for home in Ks I got 3 extra containers to bring back with me. I haven’t had time to look for it here yet and my local Walmart isn’t listed but I sincerely hope to find it locally. So good! Brings back memories of my southern roots and childhood.
Thank you for this wonderful product.

CharleneOverland Park, KS

Thank You ! Finally good pc. That I don’t have to make myself. Tastes like what my Mother used to make with her grinder on her mixer. Always had them for parties and baby showers. Good quality and a good company. Please continue to produce such wonderful products. I love the jalapeño version.

TonieIvanhoe, VA

My husband bought me this pimento cheese spread this week and omg. It is the best I have ever had!!!!! Wow!!!! I will be buying this again and again!!! I cant stay out of it!!!! So good!!!!

MitziTupelo, MS

I have been making my own homemade pimento and cheese for years. Cant stand the taste of store bought. One day while shopping a came across Palmetto Cheese with jalapenos and thought that looks just like mine except with jalapenos, and decided to give it a try. I’m hooked. It’s better than mine. Thank you so much for making such a high quality product. I haven’t made homemade since finding Palmettos. Keep up the good work!

TammySpringville, AL

I bought your palmetto cheese spread at Hannaford in Dover, NH. Pimento cheese spread has always been a favorite of mine. Let me just say wow. Just wow. Easily, hands down, the best, richest, most flavorful pimento cheese spread I’ve ever had. Is all the food in SC this good?

Cynthia Somersworth, NH