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Palmetto Cheese Original and Jalapeno



Johns Island, SC

Huntsville, AL

I can not rave about this cheese enough. I go through a container of it every single week! They are all amazing but the jalapeño is my go to!! I take it on road trips when I visit my boyfriends family up north and I take it on vacations! I have not met a single person that dislikes it! I also take it to every event I go to that requires a snack of some sort. It NEVER lets me down!! My office also leaves a container of it for us to snack on and it only lasts for about an hour (if that)!! It is absolutely amazing and I'm actually munching on some right now!! Soooooo good!

I loved the pimento cheese sandwich a church member had brought and thought it was homemade so when I asked for the recipe she dropped off this Palmetto Cheese spread with jalapenos and some Italian bread for me to make my own sandwiches. I did not realize this was store bought! It is so delicious and I love Pimento cheese anyway that I ended up eating on it for days, didn't matter if it was breakfast, lunch or dinner! 🙂 Thanks for making a great pimento cheese and leaving out the sugar too!

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