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Falmouth, MA
I grew up in Durham and now live in MA and two thing I missed the most Lance crackers and real pimento cheese, all my prayers have been answered. I discovered you cheese at Shop&Shop and I am in heaven. I am coincidentally vacationing on the island, a first, and you can be sure I will make sure my northern girlfriends try the cheese. I have introduced it at parties here since no one knows what it is but they love it. Thank you, Ann
Biloxi, Mississippi
Thank you!! This is the real thing, so much so it makes me want to go out and slap my mama. It is so darn good. I am so glad i stumbled on this at my local Walmart. I do not buy pimento cheese in a container and lets get real...what true southern belle would??? But thank goodness I took a chance and tossed this in my buggy. I am a actually enjoying it as we speak. I had to find out who that lovely lady was pictured on this product and why I have been missing out until now. Well, now I know and will be a life long consumer. Best of luck to yall as your business grows. Cheers, Christine
Lenoir, NC
I caught myself asking my husband to drop by Walmart and buy some of that good pimento cheese that he had bought one time. That is the first time I have ever asked for a particular pimento cheese product. I have eaten it since my mother used to serve it on toasted bread back in the 1960s. When he got home with it and I had made a 1/2 sandwich of cold bread and cold Jalapenos Palmetto Cheese, I said to him, "Nobodys homemade pimento cheese (my sister-in-laws and friends) has anything on THIS pimento cheese. In fact, it is the best pimento cheese I have ever eaten." If I ever have to take a plate of something to a party, itll be your product on good bread. I thought youd like to know that. Best regards, Becky W
Tupelo, MS
My husband bought me this pimento cheese spread this week and omg. It is the best I have ever had!!!!! Wow!!!! I will be buying this again and again!!! I cant stay out of it!!!! So good!!!!
Edenton, NC
Holy cow! I was very suspicious in buying this because pimento cheese never tastes quite as good as it should - you nailed it though! Even better than my mothers! Outstanding job!
Kingwood, TX
Palmetto Cheese is the absolute best pimento cheese Ive ever had. I love it so much. Im so glad my local store carries it! It reminds me of my best holiday cheese ball. It tastes homemade and it is my absolute favorite. Those other brands just wish they could make pimento cheese like this! Thank you for a great product.
Marietta, Georgia
have never written to a company to tell them how much I enjoy their product. For this Palmetto Chrese I just had to. This stuff is amazing and is a staple in my house after I enjoyed it at a friends house a few months ago. Thank you for brunging this product to my local Kroger. You have a customer for life.

PS, I never really liked pimento cheese.
Mandeville, LA
Just happen to notice your product in Wal Mart. It is the best pimento cheese I have ever tasted!!
Great recipe! Thank you.
Tallahassee, FL
I grew up in the South but knew nothing about pimento cheese until a few months ago and could not understand how I had gone 35 years without this amazing food. My husband and I undertook a very unscientific experiment to find the best pimento cheese. Fueled by his expertise and my newbie enthusiasm, we tried every pimento cheese we could find, and without a doubt Palmetto Cheese is the best one out there. We are a few pounds heavier but so much happier now that Palmetto Cheese is a staple in our home. Thank you for this great product!
Columbia, SC
Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your product. My mom who passed away 3 years ago at 93 made Pimento Cheese (she used extra sharp cheese) she would buy the red peppers boil them peel them for the pimento, with mayonnaise and a little hot sauce yours is the closest to hers and is the best I have ever purchased. The family goes through at least 2 containers a week, as a side note Ruths is a joke compared to yours. I have passed the word along to friends and family as well as customers that are in the deli section of Food Lion where I shop. Nice job and continued success, the saying "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID" your certainly not stupid obviously by your success, and you have done a great job with your company and Congratulation on the success of your business.
In my 36 years of being on this earth growing up poor on a farm I had never tried pimento cheese until now. And boy did I try the best there is. You guys have won me over with your delicious perfection called Palmetto Cheese! Forever a fan please dont stop making it.
Springville, AL
I have been making my own homemade pimento and cheese for years. Cant stand the taste of store bought. One day while shopping a came across Palmetto Cheese with jalapenos and thought that looks just like mine except with jalapenos, and decided to give it a try. Im hooked. Its better than mine. Thank you so much for making such a high quality product. I havent made homemade since finding Palmettos. Keep up the good work!
South Boston, VA
This is hands down the best pimento cheese there is!!! If I were yall I wouldnt want others even next to it on the shelf, they would clearly be in the wrong place. There is only one. Very good! Will go without before I buy any other kind.

Shallotte, NC
Yall know we are now "ruint" on any other kind of pimiento cheese, right? If its not Palmetto Cheese with jalapenos, we wont eat it.
Darien, GA
I only eat pimento cheese if some southern person has made it, until now. I broke down and bought Palmetto cheese and I am in love! I always looked at the other brands at the grocery store, but have you ever seen the color of their pimento cheese? Yuck! Thank you for such a great product! Its delicious!
Andrews, SC
We are sitting here at work talking about how awesome Palmetto Cheese is. One of our co-workers said that they had grilled grill sandwiches last night for supper. Her brother liked it so good that at 10pm last night he fixed another one. This is the best pimento cheese that we have ever had. Thanks and happy eating to everyone!
Matthews, NC
I have found the best Pimento Cheese in the world! I have always loved Pimento Cheese and thought I had the best, boy was I fooled! I love your Pimento Cheese with Sliced Tomato on a sandwich, with black pepper. Thanks for making such a great product!
Somersworth, NH
I bought your palmetto cheese spread at Hannaford in Dover, NH. Pimento cheese spread has always been a favorite of mine. Let me just say wow. Just wow. Easily, hands down, the best, richest, most flavorful pimento cheese spread Ive ever had. Is all the food in SC this good?
Twin City, GA
I have never really been a fan of pimento cheese but while grocery shopping I came across a brand that had jalapenos in it and I love spicy flavors. Well, I am now a cheerleader for Palmetto Cheese. I cant get enough. Just got back from Costco with six 24 ounce containers for just my husband and me. I tell everyone I see about this pimento cheese that is BETTER than any homemade I have ever had. Other than just eating it off of a spoon, I have found it invaluable in other recipes. Please, please, please dont ever change your recipe.
Bentonville, AR
Dear Glorious Pawleys Island
Im trying to think of one perfect word to describe your creamy, delicious, cheesy, scoopalicious, fresh tasting, swear its homemmade, gotta smear it on my celery, perfectly pimentoed, can I eat this for breakfast, Mmmmmmm thats tasty pimento cheese.
When I think of that one word, Ill let you know. I love your cheese! And now you added bacon? Did you read my mind? I gotta try that, too!
Thanks for making a delicious, fresh tasting product from the USA!
Aka - very pleased repeat customer
Hoover, AL
I Love This Pimento Cheese! My sweet friend Stacy (from Vestavia Hills AL) served some at our last luncheon, and Ive been a convert ever since. I serve this at wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, dinner parties, backyard barbques, and outside movie nights! Serve it on a cracker, bake some on top of a nice French baguette, sprinkle some jalapeno or some bacon, and you cant go wrong! You can pair it with some sweet tea, a Sauvignon Blanc, or a nice IPA... Its a hit, and my beautiful family asks for more!! Thank you Palmetto!!
Oklahoma City, OK
First let me say I dont normally comment on whether or not I like any of the food products we normally buy. If I like it I eat it, if I dont it gets thrown away.
However, I just wanted to let you know that your Palmetto Cheese is the absolute best Pimento Cheese we have ever purchased.
Every bite is an experience in hedonism. We normally buy Prices brand because its usually whats available, and to us it had the best flavor. Recently on a trip to Sams Club they didnt have Prices, they had your brand. We decided to give it a try, and now Im spoiled. Nothing else will do. Your Palmetto Cheese is so much better than anything else available to us that the other brands should be ashamed to call themselves Pimento Cheese.
Anyway, thanks for producing such an excellent product, and keep up the good work. A customer for life,
Atlanta, Georgia
I am an Atlanta native. My mom always made the best pimento cheese. She passed away at age 88 in 2012. Sadly, I did not have her recipe. I have never tasted any pimento cheese even close to what she made until I came across your product. Thank you so much! Your product is ever so close to what she made!
Floyd, Virginia
I have always loved pimento cheese but never really cared for what the stores sold in the little plastic containers. Ive always opted to make my own and it wasnt all that great! For whatever reason, I was in WalMart and needed something to take to a get-together. I decided to make pimento cheese finger sandwiches and I knew I didnt have time to make the pimento cheese. I bought the first thing I saw which was Palmetto Cheese Original. When I tried it, needless to say, I was hooked! I have given samples out at work and now my coworkers are hooked too. It is the best! I wouldnt encourage my friends to eat it if I didnt know they would love it! One coworker took some home to her husband and now he eats it on a regular basis. I have a vendor that comes in to visit each week and I had him try it. lol He was, like the others, so impressed and asked where to buy it. I know you probably get people everyday that go on and on about your products and I know that I am just one person with a story but I wanted to share my experience with you and to let you know that you have made several people in SW Virginia, very, very happy!!!
Winter Haven, Florida
I just bought your palmetto cheese spread from Publix here in Winter Haven, Fl and I just love it. taste like my grandma used to make. thanks
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
This is the BEST pimento cheese I have ever had. I purchased the original last week and just returned to Publix to purchase another. Thanks for making such a great product. I will be a customer for life!
Viera, Florida
Growing up in the SC Lowcountry around Pawleys Island, pimento cheese was a household staple. My mother and grandmothers always had it on hand. Palmetto Cheese is by far the BEST pimento cheese I have ever eaten. The jalapeno Palmetto Cheese is now a staple in our home here in Viera, Florida. It is always a show stopper and a highly requested item at a friends annual Kentucky Derby Party. I serve my jalapeno Palmetto Cheese straws in a silver footed bowl set on a silver tray and flanked by chocolate dipped strawberries below. You are guaranteed not to have any going home with you at the end of the party and people will praise them all night! Although I miss my hometown area, I can always purchase Palmetto Cheese at my local Publix.
Bartlett, Tennessee
On a recent trip I tried your pimento cheese in Deltas Sky Club in Atlanta. I fell in love with it. It truly brought back memories of my Moms homemade pimento cheese. Just want to tell you Thanks and Great Job!!!
I just want to say that your pimento cheese is by far the best I have ever tasted! The sharp cheese, the spices OH MY!! My husband just bought the last 6 tubs at Walmart. LOL He has to sate my addiction ;) I simply love your pimento
Winter Haven, Florida
Where do I begin? I will start out by saying, "wow"! This palmetto cheese spread is fantastic, and nothing short of culinary perfection. Born in Walterboro SC in 1966, I remember as a child, my grandmother making homemade pimento cheese on soft white bread. After many years of now living in Florida, Id almost forgot about the memory of her making the spread. However, one day while shopping at publix, my eye caught a glimpse of the palmetto cheese packaging. Being proud of my southern heritage and my love for South Carolina I had to try this product. If I didnt know better, Id swear that my grandmother was still alive and she had made this bowl of pimento cheese just for me. Your product advertisement reads, the pimento cheese with soul! Indeed, I experienced a homecoming and it touched my soul. Thank you for this great product and the priceless memories Id almost forgotten. Im a loyal customer for life. Sincerely, Shane
Autryville, NC
Thank you for making the best pimento cheese money can buy, hands down. Ive never tried any other brand that was even close. I consider your recipe to be as close to homemade as anyone can get without making it themselves, in their own home. And quite frankly, Im surprised yall have kept the same price for several years now....heck, everything else has gone up. I cant buy the ingredients and make pimento cheese myself for this price, so I just buy Palmetto Cheese instead. Its just really, really excellent! Thank you!.
Helena, AL
I normally make my own batch of pimento cheese and spend quite a bit of time and money doing so. However, since I am normally the only person in the house that enjoys it, I decided to give this brand a try and not spend all the time and effort it takes in making my own. I hesitated in my choice of brands since this one on the shelf was almost twice the other brand. But IT IS GOOD. ALMOST AS GOOD AS MINE. In fact, it may be better than mine (except for the fact that I like to add extra pimentos).
Helena, GA
I dont usually give reviews good or bad but I just couldnt wait to give a review on this product. By far the best pimento cheese I have ever tasted!! I was in a hurry for something to take to a party and thought I could just get something already made and add to it to taste if needed. I saw the Palmetto cheese and saw where it was from and didnt hesitate to buy the original and the jalapeno. The South Carolina low country holds a special place in my soul. I got the cheese home and tasted and wow its amazing. There is nothing I could have done to make it better! Thank you for sharing your Palmetto Cheese with us in Georgia!
Brandon, MS
I never feel compelled to write reviews or compliments on food products from the local grocery stores. However, this is the BEST pimento cheese ever. Every person I have introduced it to has fallen in love, even if they "dont like" pimento cheese. I am so glad that I can find it at my local wal mart and SAMs club. I just wanted to send an encouraging word to keep up the delicious work! You guys will do great things!
Thanks for the flavor, soul, and love that you can taste in each batch!
Thanks again! :)
I dont like pimento cheese much but yours is delicious!!!!! Like killer....the BEST Ive EVER had!!!
I have tried to enjoy pimento cheese my whole life, and even couldnt stomach homemade from my Mom or Nanny. The local Kroger had samples, and I was hungry, so I tried it. Unbelievable!! That stuff is good! Now I am a fan of Palmetto Cheese, especially the bacon variety. Thank you for making a stellar product.
Lamoine, ME
My first taste, I swear I heard angels sing.
I am a Virginian who has lived in New England since 1988. Every now and again I get a real taste of the South (outside of my own potato salad, these people up here dont know real potato salad) and it makes me a little homesick.
Thanks for my new after work snack!
Ashland, KY
While vacationing in Wrightsville Beach last month we discovered your Palmetto Cheese...we were immediately hooked...on our last night instead of one last seafood dinner we opted for a toasted pimento cheese sandwich and sat on the balcony and watched the ocean. On our way out of town back to KY we stopped at Harris Teeter and bought 8 containers...can you imagine the look on family/friends faces when instead of bringing them salt water taffy we hand them a container of Palmetto Cheese...awww the looks were priceless!! But just one taste and everyone agreed it is the best they have ever had...Im tellin ya it is addictive!!! Returned home and what did I find at my local Walmart...yep Palmetto Cheese...dont know how long they have carried it...definitely dont know how I missed seeing it but am oh so glad they do ;-)
Arlington, VA
Where do I start? I am a military spouse and lawyer by trade. Often, we military couples have to live apart - it is hard for a lawyer to move state to state and have to keep taking bar exams. I did not want to leave the south. After my husband did a tour in Afghanistan, I decided it was time to live under the same roof, even if it moved me out of the south. I am from Alabama and so wanted to stay in the south but the military moved us to Va. I am now a government attorney in DC and so miss my southern gulf coast. I found your product at the Harris Teeter near my apartment. I could not believe I was going to buy pimento cheese instead of making it like my memaw used to (god rest her soul). The sweet lady on the package looks like someone my memaw would have known and it said real southern, real good on it. It tasted better than any I have ever eaten! You really brought a little piece of the south to me and now I am introducing my New York, DC, and Maryland coworkers to this southern treat!! Keep on making it!
Boone, NC
Sir, I grew up on Winn Dixie Palmentto Farms pimento cheese in Boone, NC and since we no longer have that brand available i have refused to eat pimento cheese. I hate Ruths and Starr. when you grow up with a taste for something good thats all you will settle for. I would not even eat it on hamburgers (the big trend) I tried this at a friends advisement by buying it at Sams Club. Well I am converted, sold and been saved by your product. I love it!!! At present I have 6 containers in my frig. I love the bacon flavor as well. When I can find it at walmart or food lion in Boone, NC, I buy all they have. I eat this about 3 times a week. Your product is great....a true Southern Treat. Dont ever change it!!! Thank God for who ever came up with this.
Hickory, NC
Palmetto Cheese Testimonial All right. I admit it. I am a pimento cheese snob. I have used the same pimento cheese since I was a little girl. Last week, my 11 yo daughter and I ran to the local Lowes Foods Store to grab something quick to make before a football game. While in the deli, they were having a Palmetto Cheese (PC) tasting. Now you have to understand that my daughter is a vegetarian, and she does NOT like pimento cheese. But they had some crackers, so she wanted to try it. And try it, she did! Not only that, but she asked if I would go get a sample so she could have that one too! You can imagine my surprise that suddenly she was telling me she wanted to buy some. So we did. Thus began her very first pimento cheese sandwich. Being a vegetarian, it is sometimes difficult to find different items to send with her for school lunch. However, with PC, I can put some in a container with crackers and send it. I think she likes the larger, thicker pieces of cheese, and I like the little kick to it. There was just one problem that I saw. We ran out yesterday! So off to the store I went to get some more. How about some bigger containers?! So I admit it. I am an unapologetic Palmetto Cheese fan. And can I tell you, I gave some to my dad (the other brand loyalist), and he likes it too. We are now Palmetto Cheese fans and would agree that it is the 1 pimento cheese brand that weve had. Vegetarian tested/mom approved! Thanks Palmetto Cheese!
Carrollton, GA
Ive been eating pimento cheese sandwiches all my life and I have never had pimento cheese like Palmetto Cheese. It is by far the best Ive ever had!
Plattsburgh, NY
I hold my breath every single time I walk into the one grocery store that carries your Pimento cheese here that they will still be carrying it! I grew up in Savannah Ga. and my Grandfather would always have the sandwiches and of course it was always served on celery at family get togethers by my Grandmother.It is so hard to find a taste of home where I live as we are about as far Upstate NY as you can get! Thank you for your great product you make my lunches at work something to look forward to now!
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I grew up eating my grandmothers pimento cheese on celery on every get-together relish tray, and pimento cheese sandwiches were my most-requested lunch. But the years piled on, and now I live in the North, where grocery store clerks give you puzzled looks when you ask where they keep their pimento cheese... Until today! I stumbled upon your glorious Palmetto Cheese in the Hannaford supermarket up the road, and I had to try it out. One bite, and I can feel the Southern sunshine and saltwater spray on my face -- I am back at my Grandys knee, having our lunch on another fishing trip. Delicious, and just like home! I look forward to making my acquaintance with the rest of your products, bye and bye. Thank you for getting your delicious food up here -- it really tastes like the South! :^)
Acton, MA
I live in Massachusetts but I am from Texas and miss all things from the South. Today, I came across your line of pimento cheeses at the Westford, MA "Market Basket" grocer. I opened up containers of heaven on earth today. Original, Jalapeno and Bacon pimento cheeses. The absolute best I have ever eaten anywhere. I am telling everyone I know about your line and THANK YOU for making such a great product and getting it to Massachusetts! Love it all.
AMAZING... a southern girl living in New England! I am thrilled to have found this pimento cheese, brings back fond memories of LIFE!
Cocoa, FL
I grew up in the south and grew up on Homemade Pimento cheese spread that my Mother and Grandmother made by hand. I remember them grating the cheese with an old metal cheese grater and that cheese spread was soooo good. That was back in the 1960s and occasionally Id buy a tub of pimento cheese spread in the grocery store only to be dissatisfied with the quality and taste. Then one day I saw your brand in the store and purchased a tub. OMG, I said to myself, this taste just like what Mom used to make. I am so hooked on your product, it is by far the best pimento cheese spread and brings back memories of my childhood. Dont ever change your recipe and I will continue to buy it.
Chris Roberts
Spartanburg, SC
Fantastic Pimento Cheese! By far the best I have ever had! What kind of addicting ingredient do you have in the product, as I am totally addicted. Your pimento cheese and a multi-grain cracker are heaven sent. Keep up the great work!!!!
Nancy Johnson
Concord, NC
I purchased some of your pimento cheese because it was not "swimming" in mayonnaise and boy it is good. It taste just like my mother used to make years ago. You can actually taste the cheese and the pimento. This is the only kind I will be buying from now on. Thank you.
Willa Dendy
Chattanooga, TN
Thanks for the product. It is the best pimento cheese ever. I bought it at Bi-Lo for several weeks and took some with friends to the lake house. They both pronounced it GREAT and plan to buy some. It makes a burger as good as a Varsity burger with pimento cheese!
Beaufort, SC
Congratulations on your article in Southern Living! I have loved your product for many years and happy to see you got such a wonderful recognition. You are well deserved. Again, congratulations!
Janet Lemley
Myrtle Beach, SC
Just have to say--please DONT stop making your WONDERFUL pimento cheese locally---I am addicted.
jessi hucks
conway, SC
this is the greatest!! do you make any other kinds of speads, ham salad, chicken salad etc?? and is it sold anywhere in larger containers because it is hard to share one this size!! it is absolutely delicious!!
B. Rose
Durham, NC
Wow! I found Palmetto Cheese at the Harris Teeter near my house yesterday. This is the best pimento cheese EVER! I am so glad to have discovered this treasure! Yummmmm.......
Robbin Walker
Woodstock, GA
Palmetto Cheese is the best! Our family loves to use it in all recipes that calls for cheese. It adds life to our burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, grilled cheese, and snacks. You name it, we put Palmetto Cheese on it. It is part of our weekly grocery items that we have on hand. We are so excited to see that Palmetto Cheese can be purchased in so many more places now. Thanks for this wonderful addition to our culinary delights.

The Walkers
Grant Hunter
Lexington, SC
Here at MSI Construction Co. we alternate cooking on Fridays for all the employees. Last Friday was my turn so I brought Original and Jalapeno Palmetto cheese. I served it as grilled sandwiches or piled on top of sausage wrapped in loafbread. It was a major hit and we destroyed 8 containers of the delicious spread. I think everyone went and bought some for home use. We discovered it at Isle of Palms and were thrilled that it is available in Lexington at Piggly Wiggly.
danelle germino haakenson
johns creek, GA
damn good stuff, this palmetto cheese... wish it was not so expensive, but i will buy it anyway!
north carolina native now living in the atlanta, georgia area... very happy to have stumbled upon this!
Misty Incontrera
Austin, TX
All I have had for lunch the past week has been your Palmetto cheese spread on wheat bread with cucumbers. It is the best!!!
Leslie Balliette
Myrtle Beach, SC
I have never felt the need to write a company about their product, until I bought and tried Palmetto Cheese. My family just moved to Myrtle Beach and I bought a container (with Jalapenos), at Bi-Lo. I can honestly say I am addicted to it. I am trying all of the recipes on your website and slathering it on everything. Love it! Oprah should should try this!!!
Karen Pearson
Niceville, FL
Having had Palmetto Cheese at the Sea View Inn for the last few years, I mentioned that I should take some home. It was then I learned it was going to be available in stores. Sadly, it is not yet available here in NW Florida but it has been requested. Not to fear, friends travelling here have been able to bring me some so I am not going through withdrawals quite yet.
Patricia Howe
Flowery Branch, GA
Hi! as a 62 year old grandmother from Ga, I have in my life had what I thought was really good pimento cheese. Well, I was wrong, this is great, my 81 year old Mom & I picked ours up at Publix in Dunwoody, she loves it also. My husband is from PA and he has become a Pimento Cheese fan because of you, ordinarily he only eats
"American" cheese. Please keep up the good work ! Thank you !
paula mulvihill
Franklin, TN
This is the absoulte best pimento cheese! I have searched for one that tastes homemade or better still restaurant quality. WOW Paula
Martha Lang
Darien, GA
We love Palmetto Cheese. Thank goodness that it is sold at our little Piggly Wiggly here in Darien, GA. Yesterday we took it along as an appetizer for cocktail cruise with 14 people aboard and Palmetto Cheese was the hit of the party. We served it along with Panetini oven baked Italian Toast. Thank you and I hope we will always be able to buy it.
Martha and Dick Lang

Adam Lewis
New York, NY
Oh my gawd! A friend brought back a container from Charleston and I have been in hog heaven. While I live in New York, I still have real red Southern mud between my toes and am proud to be a Florida cracker. Your Palmetto Cheese is as close to homemade as I have ever had. Thank you and thank you for the memory of what good eatin' is all about. Keep up to good work. Your mama would be real proud of you.
Merritt Morrow
Bishopville, SC
Try some strawberry or grape jelly with palmetto cheese on ritz crackers. I know how weird this sounds. Just try it like the pepper jelly and palmetto cheese combination. It is one of our biggest hits at parties. Love the product.
Judie Godfrey
Lithia Springs, GA
For many years my husband and I have gone to Amelia Island for a month. This past September I discovered Palmetto Cheese at the Publix in Fernandina Beach and became addicted! I bought a cooler to transport some home with us. I am so excited to read on your webite that it is available in metro Atlanta. I am going out tomorrow on a mission to find the best "pimento cheese" I have ever had. My children and their families love it too! Love, love, love your product!
Mark DuVall
Greenville, SC
I swanee--This Plametto Cheese is better than the pimento cheese spread at the Fresh Market. This is saying a lot! I am so glad I came across your product at my Publix. What a pleasant surprise!
Robin Downing
Augusta, GA
My husband has been after me to look your company up on the computer. He thinks we should order your "Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos" by the gallon. We have three growing boys in our house, and we can never keep enough of your product in the house. We eat it with celery, lettuce leaves, Wheat Thins, etc.
I first tried your product in Edisto, and then noticed our local Bi-Lo carrying it. I have now officially converted my family from Fresh Market Pimento Cheese to your Palmetto Cheese. I am quickly introducing it to our friends!! Great Product!!
Robin Downing
Chad Nelson
Belmont, NC
I ran into your palmetto cheese last night at Bilo here in NC where I live.
Bananas!Super impressed that you can buy this caliber pimento cheese at a store. This is straight up homemade pimento cheese in a container.
Very happy for you and hope your success is great!
Mrs. Susan Park
Huntsville, AL
Recently a friend of mine who is originally from Hilton Head, South Carolina introduced me to Palmetto Cheese. My 4 year old daughter and I ate it for lunch every day last week! We both loved it on Wheat Thins. It is AWESOME!!! Thank you for such a great product! Susan Park
Lilburn, GA
Found your Palmetto Cheese in Publix in Liburn (just hope they keep it in stock) The best in-store pimento cheese I have ever had! This is as good as what I make! It also makes it better because it comes from my most favorite part of the world---Pawleys Island!!
Susan Reardon
Mt. Pleasant, SC
It was "love at first bite" when I sampled your Palmetto Cheese with jalapeno. My breakfast each day is grits with a big scoop of Palmetto Cheese. Sometimes my lunch is crackers and PC. Or a toasted PC sandwich with soup. It has become my hostess gift,
birthday, whatever gift to the the "uninitiated" that become instant
converts. Thank you for a pure, perfect product that exceeds expectation. Long may you produce.

Susan Reardon
Ivan Posada
Lantana, TX
Well, I can tell you that I am extremely pleased that the great state of Texas now has Palmetto Cheese. I tried it at a friends house in Atlanta and just had to get this stuff here as quickly as possible. Central Market now carries it and I have found a new craving in life. Thanks for adding SOUL to it. Great stuff.
Jane McManus
Blythewood, SC
I am so glad to have discovered your wonderful pimento cheese at Publix. I use to make homemade pimento cheese all the time, but not anymore. I buy at least 4 cartons everytime I go shopping.
My family loves to use it as a dip with plain tostado chips and dip it using celery stalks. It is the best pimento cheese I have ever had. We are hooked!
M Jaminet
Dallas, TX
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Palmetto Cheese. I was not a fan of pimento cheese until I tried this product (purchased at Central Market). Not only does it make a great pimento cheese sandwich, but also can be served as a delicious dip, or a snack with crackers. The blend of flavors is perfect, and it is truly rare to find a product that tastes so fresh. This will be a staple in my kitchen for years to come!
Regina Thompson
Charlotte, NC
Oh my gosh! I was recently in Charleston for the weekend and ran across you product in the Pig. This has GOT to be the BEST pimento cheese I have ever put in my mouth. Absolutely fabulous! I will be going out of my way to pick some up here in Charlotte.
K Johnson
Columbia, SC
Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos along with the Pretzel Crisps they have at Publix is the most snackable combination since potato chips and french onion dip. I am now an addict! Wonderful texture (not too saucy), sharp cheddar and those peppers! I am going to tell all my friends. Thank you for your product - and keep up the yum! I cannot wait to put it on a burger!
Richard Mock
Winston-Salem, NC
Being a Southern guy, I was raised on pimento cheese, I love it. I come to Murrell's Inlet each Spring and Fall for a couple weeks. A year and half ago, I was shopping in Piggly Wiggly and your Palmentto Cheese caught my eye. It is FANTASTIC!!
Each season I stock up on it and carry it back to my home, Winston-Salem, NC. There has been times, I just sit down the a slice of hot homemade bread and do I need to tell you the rest? Thanks for a delicious treat.
Colleen Morrow
Columbia, SC
I will echo what others have said. The pimento cheese with jalapenos is out of this world. I had given up on buying pimento cheese in the grocery store because all I have tried taste like they are full of sugar. I am so glad I bought yours. I am planning to try several of the recipes.I brought it at the Publix on Hardscrabble Rd, in Columbia. Thanks for such a tasty product.
Jessica Parks
Wellesley, MA
My husband was born and raised in N.C. and is a pimiento cheese fanatic. We were just in Litchfield, SC with his family and he was introduced to your Palmetto Cheese and it was love at first bite. We live in the Boston area and have looked near and far but cannot find him pimiento cheese. He even tried to make it himself... Is it possible for me to purchase your Palmetto Cheese and have it mailed to me? If so, I would greatly appreciate it as there are just some things a southern boy cannot give up for a yankee.
Robert Lee
Millen, GA
i bought a tub of your palmetto cheese the other day at the bilo here in town. i consider myself an expert on pimento cheese and i can tell you that it is by far the best in the world!!! i have tried it on everything from sandwiches to just crackers. i tried it on a fried egg sandwich today and i have got to say it was the best fried egg sandwich have ever had. love it!
Cary Hatcher
Hartford, Alabama
I was visiting my daughter in Atlanta this past week, and I bought your Palmetto Cheese at a Publix there. My husband and I love pimento cheese, but the kind we usually find in the grocery store is not good and has a strange taste to it. Yours is the absolute BEST pimento cheese Iíve ever bought at a grocery store before Ė itís FANTASTIC!!!! I want to be able to get it in South Alabama where we live. Can you ship to Alabama Ė and to my grocery store if I can talk them into ordering it?

Or can I just buy a case? Iím not kidding Ė you are right Ė itís the BEST!!!
Meg Wiley
Myrtle Beach, SC
There is no comparison between the pimiento cheese sold in supermarkets and your delicious Palmetto Cheese. I tried the Jalapenos variety and was in heaven the moment it went into my mouth. Thanks so much for making it available to us (I got mine at Food Lion)!
Sandra Swann
Atlanta, GA
I have just discovered your Palmetto cheese at Publix in Atlanta. It is the best I have ever tasted. I love it when what must have been a "Cottage Industry" hits the grocery store. I'll buy enough of it to keep the Low Country very busy. Congratulations on a real winner.
Paula Norris
Greenville, SC
I just wanted to let you know that I love your Palmetto Cheese Pimiento Cheese. I grew up in upstate SC on the Palmetto Farm Pimiento Cheese that was sold by Winn Dixie stores. Since they have gone out of business, I can no longer get that product and have not found another brand that I like. I saw yours at my local Publix in Greenville, SC and bought some. I LOVE IT! Thank you for finally providing a product that is close to, if not better than, what I grew up eating. I will certainly request it at all my local grocery stores as nothing theyíve carried to date compares.

Great job!
Anna C, Stevenson
Lake City, SC
Wow! What a delicious taste. This has to be the best Pimento cheese product on the market! I purchased my first container today at the local Piggly Wiggly. Thanks for creating such a "Southern" delight.
S Tedder
Columbia, SC
I picked up a tub of your Palmetto Cheese at Publix and it is the best pimento cheese that my husband and I have ever had. You are a food goddess.
Hannah Smith
Florence, SC
By far, this is the best pimento cheese I have ever put in my mouth. I happened to stumble upon it in Piggly Wiggly in Murrells Inlet this past summer. We are so thankful to be able to find it in Florence now! We eat it with pita chips, carrotts, and even on country ham biscuits for breakfast!
Maria Whorton Shead
St. Simons Isl., GA
This is without a doubt the BEST Pimento Cheese Iíve ever bought. Itís as close to my momís homemade pimento cheese.
Iím telling all of my family and friends about it.
Heyward Young
Atlanta, GA
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have a home on the south end of Pawleys and buy your product every trip. All my guests fell in love with Palmetto Cheese as I did. One of my friends saw it in Publix. I now get my weekly fix!
Maria B.
Marion, SC
I am writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed your pimento cheese with jalapenos. My best friend lives in Murrells Inlet and she introduced me to your hot pimento cheese. I live in Marion, SC and every time I visit Murrells Inlet, I pick up some at the Piggly Wiggly. I shared some with my parents over Christmas, VERY difficult to give up a tub(LOL) and they also fell in love with it! Your product is excellent!
Sara Betterton
Johns Island, SC
My husband and I are hooked. Thought you would like to know that we stopped in at the new Publix on Savannah Hwy. [Johns Island] this afternoon to get some of your pimento cheese with jalapenos. We passed up having lunch in town thinking that we would prefer a sandwich with your spread at home.
There was only one container left on the shelf. We quickly grabbed it and asked the butcher whether there was more in the back. His eyes lit up and he said, "Isn't that stuff just great? Never thought I would pay $6 for a little carton of pimento cheese, but I'm doing it." We concurred that it is worth every penny.

Congratulations for a great product with a terrific name! From the empty shelf at Publix it appears that that the butcher and we are not the only ones pleased to have found your yummy pimento cheese. Oh, the butcher said that he would
double the order and that the shelf would be restocked by Thursday evening!
Simpsonville, SC
I recently spent the weekend at Bluffton, SC and was served this pimento cheese at lunch. I am a pimento cheese expert and let me tell you this was the best ever. It is always exciting to find something you really love and this is the best. Keep up the good job.
Brenda Price
Greer, SC
Our family discovered Palmetto Cheese while on vacation this summer at Surfside Beach. We were delighted to find Palmetto Cheese at our local Publix. What a great find for us!!!
June Fowler
Easley, SC
Writing from Easley, South Carolina and love your pimento cheese! I
purchased a carton with Jalapeno's at Publix near my home and have to say, it's the very best we have ever eaten. Therefore, have gone back and
purchased several more cartons, and even one for a friend. Please keep
supplying our local Publix supermarket!
Thought you might like to know.
Kim Burgess
Pendleton, SC
I just discovered my local Publix carries your piementto cheese, and I bought two containers! We live in Anderson County, SC, and I usually only get to have this wonderful treat when we vacation at Pawley's every September. Now I can enjoy year round. Thanks, folks. This stuff is better than my homemade!
Sumter, SC
I just enjoyed my first Palmetto Cheese sandwich (with jalepenos) and it was delicious! I am a pimento cheese freak!!! I grew on on my mom's and my grandmother's and of couse learned to make it myself. I have to say that your's is almost as good as mine. Truth be known your is better but let that be our little secret!! I live in Sumter, checked out your web-site and don't see that anyone around here carrys it so I will have to talk to our local Piggly Wiggly! Thanks for a great sandwich today and I can't wait to get some more Palmetto Cheese!!!
Nancy Smith
Anderson, SC
I love pimento cheese, but it is very difficult to find GOOD PIMENTO CHEESE.

I was in Publix on Sunday and saw yours. I usually purchase a new one when I see it and am usually disappointed and do not finish the product.
Yours is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the most like homemade of any that I have ever eaten.
Thank you . . . and I plan to continue to purchase it.
Susan Harper Hearon
Florence, SC
Y'all, this is THE best pimento cheese I've ever tasted! I'm originally
from Georgetown, but have lived in Florence, SC for 25 years. My mother
still lives in Georgetown, and I grew up with Mama's outstanding homemade
pimento cheese. All of my friends loved it because Mama made it from
scratch....long story short.....I have made it and have now passed on the
recipe to my daughters. Even their friends have wanted to know our recipe,
because it is so good. However, in all due respect to Mama (and hers is
STILL DELISH!!), yours is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! She brought me some this
weekend, and I don't want to get to the bottom of the container. Will you
please mail me some? Tell me your price, and I'd like to order some
containers for my daughters and my friends to try.
Debbie McC.
Greenville, SC
This is the best Pimento Cheese I have ever tasted!! I recently discovered it in my local Publix grocery store in Greenville, SC.... "It is the bomb" and proud it to know it is from a place near where I take my vacations which is Sullivans Island.

Love Love Love this product, it will be the # 1 seller!!!
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