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Who is the lady on the label?
The lady’s name is Vertrella Brown. Vertrella was raised in the Lowcountry of South Carolina in Pawleys Island. She has been a cook for over 25 years and specializes in Gullah and Low Country Cuisine, characterized by the use of seafood, rice, barbecue, and vegetable casseroles. Although the recipe started with Sassy Henry, Vertrella Brown added that soulful touch to Palmetto Cheese that helped define it as The Pimento Cheese with Soul. Vertrella not only cooks for a living at a bed and breakfast on the beach at Pawleys Island, it is her passion. Vertrella has made thousands of guests, family, and friends happy with her unique blend of soulful Lowcountry food.
Where can I purchase a Palmetto Cheese Shirt or Tervis?
TShirts and Tervis are available for purchase on the PC Goodies page,click here to shop.
Payment is done securely through PayPal. You may also complete your purchase with a valid credit card if you do not wish to use your PayPal account.


What kind of mayonnaise do you use?
We use nothing but the best ingredients in Palmetto Cheese. And the mayonnaise that we use is no exception. That is why we chose Hellmann’s mayonnaise.
Can I freeze Palmetto Cheese?
We do not recommend freezing Palmetto Cheese if you are planning for normal usage, such as sandwiches or serving it as is. Products containing cheese and mayonnaise tend to not retain the same quality when thawed. Visit the Palmetto Cheese Blog to view the “Can I freeze pimento cheese?” article.
Does Palmetto Cheese contain any gluten?
NO, Palmetto Cheese is 100 percent gluten free.
Does Palmetto Cheese offer any coupons?
Please join us on Facebook for information about current deals, sales and coupons.  To join, click here.
Does Palmetto Cheese ship internationally?
NO, we currently do not ship Palmetto Cheese internationally. It is available in the continental United States only.
Have questions about your online order?
For questions regarding online orders please visit our Contact Us page and select Online Order from the Subject dropdown menu. Please include your order number that you received in your order confirmation email. Click here to contact us
How do I join Palmetto Cheese on Facebook?
First, you must have a Facebook account. If not, it’s easy to sign up and you might have more friends online that you think. Click here to visit Facebook.
Now that you’re a member, visit our Palmetto Cheese Facebook page by clicking here.
You can also click the main header on any page to be taken to our Facebook page.
Does Palmetto Cheese contain MSG?
Palmetto Cheese – Original and Jalapeno, does not contain MSG(monosodium glutamate).
When I purchase Palmetto Cheese online on Thursday-Sunday using Two Day Ground, when will my order be shipped?
Two Day Ground online orders placed on Thursday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday. This prevents the product from being kept in a warehouse when the shipping company is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Can you recycle the plastic container and lid?
Our containers are made of Polypropylene (#5) plastic and our lids are made of Low Density Polyethylene (#4) plastic. These types of plastic are able to be recycled, providing the resources and facilities are present in your community. Many communities offer curb side pickup or have “drop off” locations that will accept a wide variety of plastics, including #4 and #5.As an additional resource, the link below directs you to a website which allows you to input your zip code and the type of material you have (in the case of Palmetto Cheese, Polypropylene #5 and Low Density Polyethylene #4) to see if your community accepts these materials and where you take them if required. Click here for more information.
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Palmetto Cheese Pimento Cheese with Soul

The Pimento Cheese with Soul at Palmetto Cheese
Born in the low country of South Carolina, this pimento cheese has the perfect dipping texture, a smooth taste, and is pleasing to the palate long after the last dip. Palmetto Cheese™ has real sharp cheddar cheese, it is real southern, and it is really good. Pick up a tub and you will see why this pimento cheese is the best on the market today.
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  • Lisa Benson says:

    I work alot of roadshows in Costco. I work in Charlotte and Matthews NC. I was looking for the 2012 schedule and hoping maybe I can work some of your events.
    Let me know.

    Lisa Benson

    January 9, 2012 at 3:02 pm
  • FloridaFans says:

    Did I REALLY win a tee shirt?!

    August 1, 2012 at 3:18 pm
    • admin says:

      You won a shirt on our Facebook page. Please send us your mailing address and shirt size preference to
      We just sent you an email as well for the same info. Thank you!

      August 1, 2012 at 3:29 pm

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